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    Qualify and certified teachers from Taiwan


    IHI Chinese level 1

    group sessions


    10 hours a week, total 4 weeks

    Every Monday to Friday

    10:00- 12:00 (PST)


    IHI Chinese level 2

    group sessions


    6 hours a week, total 5 weeks

    Every Mon., Wed., Fri.

    14:00- 16:00 (PST)


    IHI Chinese level 2

    group sessions


    2 hours a week, total 15 weeks

    Every Mon.

    19:00- 21:00 (PST)

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    Please fill in the enrollment form so that we can have better understanding of your background and give you the best rrangement of learning scheme. Please refer to our time table and price list to take your preferred classes and payment terms.


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  • Welcome to iHi On-Line Spoken Chinese Class !

    Learn to Speak Chinese easily !

    Start from zero, you just spend 36 hours to raise one level !

    International standard learning scheme

    We offer international standard learning scheme.

    iHi Classes are divided into 5 terms, and are compatible with ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as well as HSK (漢語水平考試)。

    Qualified professional trainers

    We offer international qualified professional trainers.

    All our online trainers are certified by TCSOL.us (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language) and awarded by TQUK Lv.3 + (Training Qualifications UK). We are experienced and professional, to give you happy and effective on-line learning classes.

    Professional teaching assessment

    We offer professional teaching assessment (PTA).

    To ensure quality of teaching as well as good results and learning progress of students, our internal control would provide PTA to each on-line class and welcome to receive any inquires and feedback from students anytime.

    Learning certificates

    We offer learning certificates.

    While the student has completed every milestone, (completion of at least 36 hours and pass the level test), we offer certificates and deliver to your home.

    High savings of money and time

    We offer high savings of money and time.

    Start from zero, you may just spend 36 hours on line to raise one level!

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