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    IHiI is well known as the most reputated language school for professional teachers and foreign students in Taiwan since 1998. We provide effective beginner classes for foreigners in different levels, as well as professional certified classes for teachers in Chinese learning.

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  • Simplified Chinese text book

    IHI Practical Chinese 1-4

    IHI Practical Chinese

    Textbook 1

    Part I Chinese Pronunciation
    Lesson 1 Chinese Pronunciation And Drills 1
    Lesson 2 Chinese Pronunciation And Drills 2
    Lesson 3 Phonetics
    Lesson 4 Chinese Pronunciation And Drills 3
    Lesson 5 Review

     第 01 课 你 好,你 是 美国人 吗?
    Hello! Are You American?
     第 02 课 汉语 难 吗?
    Is Chinese Difficult?
     第03 课 那 是 谁?
    Who Is That?
     第 04 课 你家 有 几口 人?
    How Many Family Members Do You Have?

     第 05 课 你 几 点 上课?
    When Do You Have Class?

     第 06 课 明天 星期 几?
    What Day Is Tomorrow?

    IHI Practical Chinese

    Textbook 2

    第 07 课 你 周末 做 什么?

    What Do You Do On Weekend?
    第 08 课 去 中国城 买 礼物
    Let’s Go To Chinatown To Buy Presents.

    第 09 课 您 想 买 什么?
    What Do You Want To Buy?

    第 10 课 你 有 中国 朋友 吗?
    Do You Have Chinese Friends?

    第 11 课 你 能 帮助 她 吗?
    Can You Help Her?


    第 12 课 问 路
    Ask The Way


    第 13 课 请 给 我一 杯 咖啡
    Ask The Way

    第 14 课 有 菜单 吗?
    Do You Have A Menu?

    第 15 课 有 菜单 吗?
    What Do You Want To Eat Today At Lunchtime? .


    第 16 课 不好意思,我 迟到 了
    Sorry, I’m Late.


    第 17课 苹果 一 斤 多少 钱?

    Do You Have Chinese Friends?

    第 18 课 这个 菜 味道 真 不错
    This Dish Tastes Very Good

    IHI Practical Chinese


    第 19课 我 去 中国 看 你,好 吗?
    I’ll Go To China To Visit You, OK?
    第 20 课 我 想 登记 一个 房间
    I Would Like To Register For A Room.

    第 21 课 去 银行 换 钱
    Go To The Bank To Change Money.


    第 22 课 他 病 的厉害 吗?
    Is His Illness Serious?.

    第 23 课 我 肚子 疼
    My Stomach Hurts.

    第 24 课 这 束 花 真 漂亮
    This Bunch Of Flowers Is Really Pretty

    第 25 课 今天 演 什么 戏?
    What Show Is Being Performed Today?


    第 26 课 刚才 的 京剧 怎么样?
    What did you think of the Beijing opera just now?

    第 27课 星期六 有 空儿 吗?
    Do You Have Free Time On Saturday?

    第 28 课 我 正 等着 你呢!
    I Was Just Waiting For You

    第29 课 请问 丽丽 在 家 吗?
    Excuse Me. Is Lili There?

    第 30 课 我们 来 照 张 相 吧!
    Let’s Take A Picture

    IHI Practical Chinese

    Textbook 4

    第 33 课 你好點兒了嗎?
    Are You Feeling Better?

    第 34 课 暑假有什麼打算?
    What Are You Planning To Do For The Summer Holidays?
    第 35 课 好久沒 見 了
    Long Time No See?


    第 36 课 一邊玩兒一邊學
    We Hang Out And Study At The Same Time
    第 37 课 怎麼找房子?
    How Can We Find An Apartment?

    第 38 课 您有一套房子出租是嗎?
    You Have An Apartment For Rent, Don’t You?

    第 39 课 看房子
    Look At An Apartment

    第 40 课 假期計畫
    Holiday Plans
    第 41 课 有下午去 南京的車嗎?
    Do You Have Tickets For Today Afternoon Going To Nánjīng?
    第 42 课 你最喜歡哪個 城市?
    Which City Did You Like Best?
    第 43 课 什麼季節來比較好?
    Which Season Is Better To Come Here?
    第 44课 服務員, 買單
    Waiter/Waitress, The Bill


    第 45 课 有意思的事
    Interesting Things

  • Traditional Chinese Text book

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese 1-6

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese


    Textbook 1

    第一課 歡迎你來臺灣!
    Lesson 1 Welcome to Taiwan!
    第二課 我的家人
    Lesson 2 My Family
    第三課 週末做什麼?
    Lesson 3 What Are You Doing Over the Weekend?
    第四課 請問一共多少錢?
    Lesson 4 Excuse me. How Much Does That Cost in Total?
    第五課 牛肉麵真好吃
    Lesson 5 Beef Noodles Are Really Delicious
    第六課 他們學校在山上
    Lesson 6 Their School Is Up in the Mountains
    第七課 早上九點去KTV
    Lesson 7 Going to KTV at 9 O’clock in the Morning
    第八課 坐火車去臺南
    Lesson 8 Taking a Train to Tainan
    第九課 放假去哪裡玩?
    Lesson 9 Where Will You Go for the Holidays?
    第十課 臺灣的水果很好吃
    Lesson 10 The Fruit in Taiwan Tastes Really Good
    第十一課 我要租房子
    Lesson 11 I Would Like to Rent a Place
    第十二課 你在臺灣學多久的中文?
    Lesson 12 How Long Will You Be Studying Chinese in Taiwan?
    第十三課 生日快樂
    Lesson 13 Happy Birthday
    第十四課 天氣這麼冷!
    Lesson 14 It’s So Cold!
    第十五課 我很不舒服
    Lesson 15 I Don’t Feel Well

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese


    Textbook 2

    第一課 請問,到師大怎麼走?
    Excuse Me. How Do You Get to Shida?
    第二課 還是坐捷運吧!
    Take the MRT Instead!
    第三課 你的中文進步了!
    Your Chinese Has Improved!
    第四課 我打工,我教法文
    I Work Part-time. I Teach French.
    第五課 吃喜酒
    Attending a Wedding Reception
    第六課 我打算搬到學校附近
    I Plan to Move Closer to School
    第七課 垃圾車來了!
    The Garbage Truck Is Here!
    第八課 學功夫
    Learning Kungfu
    第九課 那個城市好漂亮
    That City Is Really Beautiful
    第十課 歡迎到我家來包餃子
    Come to My Place to Make Dumplings
    第十一課 台灣好玩的地方真多
    Taiwan Really Has Lots of Fun Places
    第十二課 怎麼吃才健康?
    How to Have a Healthy Diet?
    第十三課 我的手機掉了
    I Lost My Cell Phone
    第十四課 我要開始找工作了
    I Am Going to Start Looking for a Job
    第十五課 過春節
    Lunar New Year

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese



    第一課 開學了
    School Starts
    第二課 八折起
    Up to 20% off
    第三課 外套帶了沒有?
    Did You Bring Your Coat?
    第四課 我愛台灣的人情味
    I Love Taiwanese Hospitality
    第五課 現在流行什麼?
    What Are the Trends Now?
    第六課 到鄉下住一晚!
    Spending the Night in the Countryside
    第七課 我最親的家「人」
    My Closest “Family”
    第八課 我想做自己
    I Just Want to Be Myself
    第九課 網購時代
    The Age of Online Shopping
    第十課 我住院了
    I’m Staying in the Hospital
    第十一課 台灣故事
    The Story of Taiwan
    第十二課 我要去投票
    I am Going to Cast My Vote

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese


    Textbook 4

    第一課 十七歲還是二十五歲?
    17 or 25-Years Old?

    第二課 眼睛、耳朵的饗宴
    A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

    第三課 雲端科技
    Cloud Technology

    第四課 床該擺哪裡?
    Where Should the Bed Go?

    第五課 有夢最美
    Pursuing Your Dreams

    第六課 天搖地動
    Shaking Heavens and Trembling Earth

    第七課 大學生的事
    College Student Matters

    第八課 他們的選擇
    Their Choice

    第九課 再談台灣故事
    More on the Story of Taiwan

    第十課 應徵
    Applying for a Job

    第十一課 文化、種族的大熔爐
    The Big Cultural and Ethnic Melting Pot

    第十二課 期待美好的未來
    Looking Forward to a Beautiful Future

    A Course in Contemporary Chinese


    Textbook 5

    第一課 言論自由的界線

    The Boundary of Freedom

    第二課 關於基改食品,我有話要說

    I have something to say about the food reform

    第三課 整形好不好
    Plastic surgery

    第四課 傳統與現代

    Traditional and Modern

    第五課 代理孕母,帶來幸福?
    Surrogate mother, bring happiness?

    第六課 死刑的存廢
    Storing and abolishing the death penalty

    第七課 增富人稅=減窮人苦?
    Increase the tax of the rich = reduce the suffering of the poor?

    第八課 左右為難的難民問題
    The dilemma of refugees

    第九課 有核到底可不可?

    Nuclear energy topic

    第十課 同性婚姻合法化
    Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage


    A Course in Contemporary Chinese


    Textbook 6

    第一課 職校教育
    Vocational school education
    第二課 科技與生活
    Technology and Life
    第三課 舞蹈藝術
    Dance art
    第四課 做人心法
    Do things
    第五課 國際語言
    International Language
    第六課 貓熊角色
    Panda character
    第七課 感情世界
    Emotional world
    第八課 奧運黑洞
    Olympic black hole
    第九課 鄉關何處
    Talking about your hometown
    第十課 智慧與能力
    Wisdom and ability

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