High Tech Platform

International Han Institute use high-tech Chinese teaching platform to provide Chinese online lessons. The Chinese learning materials students need are all in the syetem, so that to let students view and download dring the the lessons. In order to protect students' privacy, the online teaching system is not allow teachers to see students directly via the system. By using the high tech Chinese online teaching system, International Han Institute hope to build up more learning chances for students and let students learn Chinese more efficiently.

IHI Chinese learning materials

In order to let Chinese learners to learn Chinese systematially, International Han Institute has developed a series of IHI Practical Chinese (4 books) and IHI Business Chinese textbook. These two main materials are developed and designed according to International Chinese Proficiency Test (ICPT). ICPT is the test for non-native Chinese speakers, which is designed by The International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.


Through IHI online learning system to learn Chinese, students do not need to worry about the problem of time zone. On the contrary, students can manage their time easily. Moreover, students can take as many as lessons they want during the period. The period could be three months, half years or a year. By this method to learn Chinese, students can enhance and build up their Chinese skills rapidly.


"International Han Institute's Chinese teachers are all qualified teachers. The Chinese teachers who teach in IHI online lessons are native Chinese speakers and they are trained in International Han Institute (IHI).
Following are the certificates IHI teachers are holding:  

- Certificates in Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)– issued by IATCSOL
- Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) – issued by IATCSOL and EDI UK
- Certificate in Teaching Chinese for Business Purposes (TCBP) – issued by IATCSOL and Cambridge Academy of Management
- Certificate in Teaching Chinese to Young Learners (TCYL) – issued by IATCSOL and Quality Assurance Commission UK
- Certificate in Teaching Chinese Culture (CTTC) – issued by IATCSOL"


This is an era of technology. The online teaching system not only brings students more convenience. Also, students can easily get more Chinese materials or resource via online lessons. Moreover, according to different levels of Chinese language skill, teachers will provide appropriate material to students and help them on Chinese learning.


Learning Chinese language is a joyful thing. International Han Institute's online Chinese teachers provide a fully interactive learning environment that combines the learning quality of a classroom education with the individual flexibility of online learning.  And we hope to bring students more joys and relax atmosphere with enthusiastic teaching styles.